We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends and constantly educating ourselves about the best practices.

Our estheticians will be happy to help you find the best facial/treatment for you and your skin type!
Facial Treatments

Classic Spa Facial $75- Your skin therapist will customize the treatment based on your skin type and concerns. She will focus on your skins specific needs while incorporating massage techniques for deep relaxation. Nourishing and reparative ingredients will help reveal a softer, revitalized complextion. 

Clinical Facial $95- Enjoy everything the Classic Spa Facial has to offer in addition with a Chemical Exfoliation Treatment.

Antioxidant Express Facial $40- This facial protects and repairs your skin in no time. It is designed for those on the go. Every step of the Antioxidant Express Facial incorporates nutrient-rich ingredients to guard against free radicals and environmental damage, and leaves your skin smoother, softer and glo-ing from the inside out.

Brightening Facial $85- Revitalize tired, dull skin from the inside out with a powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners and moisturizing agents designed to treat hyper pigmentation and even skin tone. The result is a more luminous complextion. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation, relaxing massage and a nourishing mask. Your day looks brighter already.

Calming Facial $85- This exclusive treatment revitalizes and increases skin strength. It is designed to safeguard skin with powerful anti-inflammatories, hydrators and antioxidants. Light exfoliation will help to gently encourage smoother to allow for soothing agents to work on a deeper level, providing serious calming action to even the most sensitive skin. The results enhance radiance.

Dermaplaning $125- A simple and safe treatment for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). It is perfect for rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment also includes Chemical Exfoliation.

Microdermabrasion $125- A cosmetic procedure used to remove dull, dry, and sun damaged skin cells. One treatment will leave skin smooth and luminous. Consecutive treatments provide rejuvenation to sun damaged skin, removal of scarring caused by acne and diminished lines and wrinkles. This treatment also includes Chemical Exfoliation.
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Our Policy:

Prompt service appointments are always desirable but walk-ins are gladly accepted as well. 
If you need to cancel an appointment, we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.
We also offer special hour services and traveling off-site, if needed.
Salon  Papillon accepts all major credit cards.
All prices are subject to change.